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Building your brand and managing your reputation

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Often the perception of a legal practice isn’t the way you want or need it to be. Or perhaps you don’t even know what people really think or know about your practice?

Your firm’s brand, and the values it represents to your partners, your employees, your clients, and to the markets you operate in, is of vital importance to the success of your business. It is important to retaining your existing clients and attracting new ones; it is important to creating and winning new business opportunities; it is important in attracting and recruiting high calibre employees.

We provide the full range of marketing and communications services to law firms around the world to help them build their brand. Our clients can use us for both one-off initiatives or as a fully outsourced marketing department – our services tailored to their requirements.

Our consultants, all of whom have led the in-house marketing departments at top tier law firms, have proven track records and a wealth of experience to draw on. We can help you build your brand by addressing the key building blocks needed to deliver and sustain an effective marketing and communication plan.

Reputation Managementunderstanding your brand’s strengths and weaknesses

We will help you to undertake internal and external research to understand what your clients and other stakeholders think about your firm ant its services, and how you are really perceived in the markets in which you operate.

Message Formulation –  establishing your brand values and differentiation

Using this information, we can then help you to develop a strong and coherent set of messages that properly represent your firm and its values, and that will help to set you apart from your competitors.

Content Management –  understanding and using hero, hub and hygiene content

Once these messages are in place we can help you to develop high quality content across both you printed and digital platforms, everything from tweets, articles and blogs, to client briefings, newsletters and high- quality Thought Leadership material that will get you noticed.

Media Selectionunderstanding and using earned, owned and bought media

We can then help you make sure that your content and the key messages it conveys are distributed effectively to the right audiences using the most effective media – whatever your budget. This can include your digital presence on your own website and social media outlets, your rankings in the legal directories, and effective use of both advertising and PR opportunities to generate effective coverage in the media most often seen and read by your clients.


Our team includes experienced law firm website copywriters, who have worked on the launches and re-launches of law firm websites in the Americas, Europe and Asia. We ensure that your firm’s website is designed and written in a compelling and informative way by:

Redrafting website text , including welcome pages, practice area and lawyer profiles, news sections and publications.
Using creative website design: we have an association with an experienced website design boutique, enabling us to coordinate the re-design of your website. We can also work with your existing designers to ensure a properly coordinated approach to the project.
Maintaining your website, by drafting press releases and other news-related articles and ensuring that the entire site remains up-to-date.